Our Dirt Modified axles are the highest quality on the market made from 4130 Con N Domestic (Made in the USA) material.  We have our standard axles as well as custom axles available.

All of our axles come with the king pin bosses reamed and ready to go!  We also ream one of the panhard slugs in the axle to accept 33/64 drill rod.  When this rod is level your right side caster is what the axle was built at which most times is 10 degrees unless a customer wants something different.

We also have 2 different weld on panhard brackets available.  One with two holes down and our extended bracket with four holes down.  All of our axles are stamped with a FAST number, this is a serial number that records all the specs of that axle so we can duplicate anything we’ve ever made.

No more guessing what the axle was, with this number we can check angles and reaction of the car to help dial a customer in.

We manufacture axles to fit any of the popular DIRT Modified Chassis.  Bicknell, TEO, Troyer, PMC, HigFab, DKM, Dirt Wheels or if you want custom locations we can do that as well.